Tropical Winters™

For Tropical Winters™ mix:

  • Two parts Gin
  • One part Peach Schnapps
  • Three parts Orange Juice
  • Three parts Pineapple Juice

And then top off with lemonade (usually six parts). Tropical Winters™ can be conveniently be made up to one pint by taking one part equal to 25ml.

As of 9th December 2016, one pint of Tropical Winters™ will set you back the handsome sum of £8.90 at the ICU Bar.

Arctic Winters

Top one pint of Tropical Winters™ with whipped cream. This concoction is significantly lower quality than straight Tropical Winters™.

Winters Royale

Half Tropical Winters™, half Champagne. For when you need to burn through the bar tab faster than you can say ‘What Wall?’

Nuclear Winters

One third Peach Schnapps, two thirds Gin, drunk as a bomb with Red Bull. Don’t do it.

Jelly Baby Winters

In a standard Tropical Winters™, replace the gin with pink gin.