Propose a Play


DramSoc decides on each term’s shows at a Play Proposals meeting (announced on the DramSoc mailing list) held near to the end of the previous term. This page contains the you’ll need to propose a show!

A full play proposal includes:

  • representative excerpts from the script
  • a brief synopsis of the play, to include genre and style
  • cast breakdown: M/F, large/medium/small parts
  • creative vision & an idea of technical requirements
  • a production team, to include at least a director and a producer
  • knowledge of whether performance rights are available.

A play proposal with all of these things considered is much stronger than one without, but none of these things are mandatory for a proposal.

If you have an idea for a proposal, but are unsure about any aspect of the proposal or proposals process, please email the DramSoc President or Acting Director. Additionally, anyone may come to the meeting to observe the process.


Play proposals (as complete as possible) should be sent to the president a week before the proposals meeting for circulation amongst the committee. Later proposals up until the time of the meeting are also accepted, but will have less time to be considered.

You will be asked to present your proposal to the committee. After your proposal, further questions may be asked about the show. Once all proposers have finished with their proposals, they will be asked to leave the room whilst the committee talks over the proposals and decides which ones will be performed on which dates.

Your proposal will be considered based on these points:

  • Theatrical Merit. Does your play appeal to the committee? Does it sound interesting and fun to perform? Does it differ from recent DramSoc shows?
  • Technical. How technically complex is the play? Will it be interesting and fun for designers? Is it over or underambitious? Is there a producer attached?
  • Cast. How large is the cast? What is the balance between small and large roles? Does the show hang on a single talent? Does the play favour a sociable ensemble over a divided cast? (More important for main term shows).
  • Diversity. What is the gender divide of the play, and is it possible to cross-cast roles? Does the play exclude international students from taking part, either by particulars of casting or difficulty of language?
  • Directing team. Does the directing team have sufficient knowledge of and enthusiasm for the proposal? Does the directing team have previous directing experience? Is an assistant director (either someone experienced or someone who wants to learn) desirable? Are opportunities for new directors being provided?
  • Rights. Are performance rights available? (NB: we do not consider cost of rights here, just their availability).

This isn’t a box-ticking exercise: most shows will fail to meet all of these criteria, but these are some of the things we look for in a “good” DramSoc show.

If your proposal is successful, you will be asked to decide on audition dates immediately after the meeting. Auditions normally take place in the last week of Autumn and Spring terms for Spring and Summer shows, and in the first few weeks of term for the main Autumn term show. DramSoc committee are available to help with the auditions process.

If you have an idea for a show that falls outside of DramSoc’s regular performance slots, then you don’t have to wait for a Play Proposals meeting. Email the President or Acting Director with your idea and bring it to the next committee meeting – we’re always excited about more drama!