Current & Upcoming Shows

Our October show is a joint collaboration between DramSoc and MTSoc in which each society performs a single act piece.

We are happy to announce that after a 3 year break, we will be back in the Union Concert Hall performing The Bald Prima Donna  alongside MTSoc’s production of The Final Heist.

The Bald Prima Donna is an absurdist comedy centered around a stereotypical middle-class couple and their houseguests. The play eventually devolves into a series of non-sequiturs and nonsensical conversation. It premiered in 1950 and has since become widely recognised as a modern classic, and one of the most performed plays in France.

October Show 2023 will open on 11/10/23 and run on 13/10/23 and 14/10/23 in the Union Concert Hall.

The Bald Prima Donna and The Final Heist

The Bald Prima Donna and The Final Heist