Join the Crew

Don’t like the limelight?

There are plenty of roles within DramSoc even for those who prefer to stay off the stage!

All technical aspects of our shows, and of shows staged by the Musical Theatre Society, are provided by DramSoc Crew. We design and build the set, then dress it and light it. We design sound effects and rig sound equipment. And we make sure the cast look their best with the right costumes, props and make-up.

On top of this, we provide sound, lighting and rigging for live events hosted by the Union and other Clubs & Societies, such as the annual Summer Ball, talent shows, live music events and club nights.

We would love you to be around to help out! For more information or to get involved, email our Technical Director, and join the Crew Talk mailing list.

But I wouldn’t know what to do!

Addams Family Get-InDon’t worry! The best way to learn is to do, and DramSoc is quite happy to throw you right in at the deep end! You will be able to do as much or as little as you want, regardless of skill or experience, and learn at your own pace.

The DramSoc Crew are a unique organisation allowing students with an interest in theatre and entertainments technology to get together and play with professional equipment. The result are, we’d like to think, very professional productions.

If you’re interested in technical aspects generally, please contact the Technical Director (and join the crew mailing list). It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything before!

To subscribe to the crew mailing list, go here.