Cast Adrift

Why yes, this is a shiny new poster. How did you notice that?

Did somebody say “cast list”? (They did, it was me. I said cast list.)

It’s been long enough since we put our cast together for Birdland that we felt it was probably about time we actually told you all who’s in the cast (and, for that matter, the band)…

So! Without further ado:


Paul – Matthew Wright

Johnny – Oscar Denihan

Jenny – Anisha Kadri

Annalisa – Lizzie Riach

Marnie/Nicola – Daisy Rogers-Simmonds

David/Alistair – Oscar Gill

Madeline – Sarah Towers

Luc – Prashant Mahendran

Claudie – Claudio Chesi

Lucy – Sophie Stromback

Sophie – Harriet Powell

Louis – Paul Cosma

Marc – Willy Bonneuil

Evans – Rahul Shivaram

Richer – Cameron Few


Rhythm Guitar – Daniel Clay

Bass Guitar – Marek Woloszyn

Drums – James Targett

There’ll be more to come on the production team & crew, as well as better looks at the characters (and the talented actors we’ve got playing them)!