Life has never been better for Paul. Thousands of fans scream his name every night, and his fame only grows. Anything he wants is his. Booze. Food. Drugs. Sex. There are no limits. As the end of a massive international tour looms large over everything, Paul’s life starts to accelerate out of control, and he’s running out of time to get it back on track.

Set in the shadow of one of Paul’s gigs, Birdland will provide fun for cast and crew, as we rig the UCH for a functional gig, complete with a black box theatre to host the action, while Simon Stephens’ scorching, rapid-fire script promises plenty of chances to steal the show.

Director: Jack Williams
Producer: Elena Stronach
Creative Producer: Jack Steadman
Assistant Director: Nathan Patel

Birdland will be performed as DramSoc’s Spring Term Play in 2016.