Birdland Begins

It’s almost Christmas, but DramSoc isn’t finished for the year just yet. Production for our main show next term (Birdland, if you hadn’t heard) is already underway, from casting and designing all the way to early publicity.

The Facebook page is already live, with the promise of plenty of snapshots (some candid, some not, some vaguely in-between) of the entire production run, all the way through to closing night. Hit that cleverly embedded hyperlink if you like (or search for it, if you’re less into typing and more into clicking).

Auditions are coming to a close, which means there’ll be casting announcements galore in the near future, while the production team is coming together. There are murmurings that there will be lights, and possibly sounds, but those are yet to be confirmed. If you’re interested, let us know! Elena loves receiving emails about all sorts of things (but mainly¬†Birdland), so if you email [email protected] and tell her you want to get involved, you might just make her day.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, but until then: here’s a closer look at the initial stage design for the show. Are you excited yet?Birdland Initial Design