Birdland Dress Rehearsal

“Birdland” Opening Night

Entering into the second term of the last year of my Joint Maths and Computing Degree, I thought to myself, “How can I distract myself from my work in a ridiculous way I haven’t tried yet?”. Having already become captain of the most obscure sport on the planet (underwater hockey – don’t ask), and literally played God in a DramSoc play last year, I decided it was time to actually become God. Sadly, gaining omniscience is fairly difficult, so I settled on directing. Sadly, nobody liked the play I wanted to do, so I settled on assistant directing someone else’s. […]

Cast Adrift

Did somebody say “cast list”? (They did, it was me. I said cast list.) It’s been long enough since we put our cast together for Birdland that we felt it was probably about time we actually told you all who’s in the cast (and, for that matter, the band)… So! Without further ado: Cast Paul – Matthew Wright Johnny – Oscar Denihan Jenny – Anisha Kadri Annalisa – Lizzie Riach Marnie/Nicola – Daisy Rogers-Simmonds David/Alistair – Oscar Gill Madeline – Sarah Towers Luc – Prashant Mahendran Claudie – Claudio Chesi Lucy – Sophie Stromback Sophie – Harriet Powell Louis – Paul Cosma Marc – Willy Bonneuil Evans – Rahul […]

Oooh look, it's a poster. How exciting.

A Proposition You Can’t Refuse

Christmas is over and that can only mean one thing: back to the grind of production! Casting is still ongoing, so until that announcement we thought it might be nice to give you all a view behind the scenes of DramSoc (of sorts), and stick up our proposal for Birdland that went before the committee at this term’s play proposals a few weeks ago. We really pushed Birdland on the grounds of training up the newer members of the society into taking lead roles on productions (this is Elena’s first time producing, believe it or not, as a fairly major example), so as part of […]

Birdland Begins

It’s almost Christmas, but DramSoc isn’t finished for the year just yet. Production for our main show next term (Birdland, if you hadn’t heard) is already underway, from casting and designing all the way to early publicity. The Facebook page is already live, with the promise of plenty of snapshots (some candid, some not, some vaguely in-between) of the entire production run, all the way through to closing night. Hit that cleverly embedded hyperlink if you like (or search for it, if you’re less into typing and more into clicking). Auditions are coming to a close, which means there’ll be […]


Life has never been better for Paul. Thousands of fans scream his name every night, and his fame only grows. Anything he wants is his. Booze. Food. Drugs. Sex. There are no limits. As the end of a massive international tour looms large over everything, Paul’s life starts to accelerate out of control, and he’s running out of time to get it back on track. Set in the shadow of one of Paul’s gigs, Birdland will provide fun for cast and crew, as we rig the UCH for a functional gig, complete with a black box theatre to host the […]

The Big Fellah

The big fellah is a thrilling play that takes place within an american IRA cell over the space of 30 years. It deals with the relationship between Ruiri, Michael and the titular big fellah, David Costello who is the charismatic leader of the IRA cell. Over these 30 years love, abuse, murder , and betrayal become the main staple of these character’s lives, leading to a tense climax which no one will see coming. Director: Jon Masters Assistant Director: Alhasan Al-Habib

Tickets for Neverwhere and The Pillowman

Tickets for DramSoc’s productions of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman are now available to buy! Tickets for Neverwhere are £9, and £5 for students, whilst tickets for The Pillowman are £4, and £2 for students. The Pillowman Saturday 28/11 Sunday 29/11 Monday 30/11 Neverwhere Wednesday 9/12 Thursday 10/12 Friday 11/12 Saturday 12/12