Union Concert Hall

Union Awards 2017 Photograph
The Union Awards 2017, Union Concert Hall

DramSoc’s primary venue is the Imperial College Union Union Concert Hall (or UCH). This was built in the 1950s, opening, along with the rest of the upper part of the Union building, in 1956.

DramSoc is responsible for the maintenance of the technical aspects of the hall, and it contains a full-featured stage and technical installation, albeit limited by the shape of the building.

The hall is available to hire for external clients; this can be done via Imperial College Union. Students wishing to book the hall may do so via the ordinary room booking process.

The UCH is located on Level 2 of the Imperial College Union building in Beit Quadrangle. The address (for visitors) is:

Imperial College Union
Beit Quadrangle
Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BB

If you wish to post letters or packages to DramSoc, please see the Contact and Deliveries pages.